Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Within your control

There are many factors beyond our control, though this knowledge does not stop the panic or anxiety.  The question then becomes: why?  Why do we let things beyond our control have power over us?  We may make many excuses along the way:

"If this would've happened", or "if I could've done this or that", or maybe, "that person was against me", or "I don't know how", or "it's too hard".  I've become quite adept through the years finding blame on other issues, but the truth is I was deflecting.  I was pointing fingers at all things other than the source of the anxiety or stress.  Me.

Ultimately we can only control four things: our action and our reactions, our effort, and our overall attitude.  Anything falling outside of this cannot be controlled and thus must be something with which we must deal.  Therefore, we must master how we react to information coming to us.  What happens with good news, or bad news?  What happens to you if the determination of your happiness hinged on four simple things?

Your actions: what you decide to do on a daily basis.

Your re-actions: how you process information (with my best Master Oogway voice, "there is no good or bad. There is only information.") and how you outwardly project your mental state.

Your effort: what you do as an individual through determination and perseverance to ensure the task is completed no matter what.

Your attitude: is the glass half full or half empty?  Do you look for silver linings on cloudy days or do you sense pending clouds on sunny days?

The mastery of the four factors in your life will open your eyes to untold happiness and joy, but self reflection and the acceptance of failure are always a part of truth.  

Again, something with which we must deal.