Thursday, October 2, 2014

Life, Line by Line

These moments that pass,
too painful to feel
as I face them head on.
Life is Surreal.
Not knowing where 
the next bend will lead,
I act Fearless.
But all there is, I heed.
The shadows and the dark,
lurking. waiting. Unknown.
Frightened of choice.
To the wolves be thrown.
Oh but for the soothsayer 
to call and answer my pleas
to inform me of my future
as I wait upon my knees.
My ringing head does not know 
from whence the vibrations start.
Silence echoes off blank walls
and reverberate in my heart.
Confusion sits restless
on the empty, worn throne.
Disquiet fills a void
while the gray king cries alone.
Ponder too long while
the creeping enemy steals
each saving breath away
and my cruel fate is sealed.
Autumn is upon us
and winter is around the curve.
The misty fog is deafening
and I cannot find my nerve.
Cloud-filled skies hint
at pending, troubled storms.
Seething Doom surrounds us
in many different forms.
Dust slips through the glass
As each hour speeds by.
Crimson mourning waits
and the mongrel starts to try.
Shoulders slump with burdens
piling heavier upon.
Waiting for sweet relief
As life blindly rolls on.